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How it works

The reason most traders fail is because they use the same old strategies taught to everyone. Our analysts have been successfully trading the financial markets for decades with real strategies that give an edge. Everyday we have analysts post actionable trade ideas for members to follow.

Why choose us

24 Hrs Access

Get exclusive 24/7 access to the owners and analyst team to become a successful trader in Stocks, Options, Forex, and Crypto.

Active Community

One of the largest investing communities on discord covering all areas of investing. No matter if you trade crypto or stocks we have the resources to take your trading to the next level.

For All traders

We have traders who will fit your trading style. Only interested in long term investing? We have you covered. Do you love making multiple trades daily? We even have the most active traders covered giving out multiple alerts daily.

Unique Content

Come see what makes Lucrum Investing different. We not only give out alerts but we also help our members to learn how to trade themselves with our in depth education course that will teach you to make your own trades and learn about the markets

Learn & earn

In todays world we are always looking for the next way to make passive income. Each year people make millions of dollars from the stock market. Why cant you also? Let our experts put in the research and work all for you and experience the lucrum difference

Learn and Earn

Come see what makes Lucrum Investing different. We not only give out alerts but we also help our members to learn how to trade themselves with our in depth education course that will teach you to make your own trades and learn about the markets.

By joining Lucrum Investing you are not only going to get to follow the most skillful traders, but you get to learn from them too.


What Our Customer Says


Lucrum is an exciting place to be at!

As a new trader, I’ve been looking for a place to grow my account and my knowledge in a reliable way. This means high-probability alerts, a community to discuss and analyze the various trade ideas, and easy access to the analysts to understand their reasoning. This is where Greg and Aize
have been really helpful in making me feel welcome, and
encouraging me to ask questions!

There are plenty of analysts for all flavors of trading. There are stocks, options, crypto, and even Forex!

Fluffy, Darles, Senpai, Freedom-Trader have helped bring life back to my options swing account! I am liking Sweggy and Chaselin for the day-trades, although I have not fully jumped in yet. There are many diverse styles at play here, and it is fun (and informative) to see how the different analysts react to the market conditions.

I like to balance the pace of options trading with longer swings on small-caps and OTC stocks. I am stoked about the latest plays from The Prime Index, one of which is up 19% in a day. My small-caps account has been suffering with some plays I had taken from another place, and it is a real relief to see green with the big-board small-caps. I dropped two other subscriptions.

There is a real commitment to keeping the alerts high quality. There is weekly analyst grading to see how they are doing and polls to keep track of user engagement. There have been new analysts introduced and inactive ones pruned in just the three weeks I have been here.

What I am really growing into and enjoying about Lucrum is the vibrant community of helpful and knowledgeable staff. In the watchlist channel, I make sure to keep track of fhbob’s supply and demand zones, which work as a great tool for me to take my own trades assisted by his TA. Shoutout to maxx too who posts his levels there. There is an extensive DD channel for longer term investments, and regular educational sessions (which are recorded) along with live trading!

I am still discovering all that is at offer here. The warm and fun atmosphere here is growing on me, and I look forward to growing with this community.

Oct 10, 2021 1:17 AM


Lucrum Investing! Where to start! I have grown to know the members and analysts in this group for the last few month or so. When I began this trading adventure, I was clueless. However, many of the Lucrum analysts have grabbed me from the depths of buying at the top and slowly but surely molded my trading patterns. Not only has my trading portfolio increased with Lucrum, but my trading knows has also been enhanced astronomically. I am beyond appreciative for the versatility of trader characteristics in this community. I have even latched onto the Forex community here and have been making profits with them as well. Needless to say, I’d you aren’t trading trading with Lucrum, you might as well not be trading at all.

Sep 16, 2021 2:54 PM


I have been here for a few months after leaving another group. The analysts (manyyyyy to choose from) are active, offer lots of education and teach risk management, very important! I’ve made a lot of money and it has given me confidence to become a better trader! There are all types of trading styles on here and all markets. Lucrum offers pretty much everything you could possibly want in a group!

Sep 16, 2021 12:51 PM


About a month ago I’m watching stock currys daily video and he mentions Lucrum investing, usually I just figured it was a scam or something and ignored it, but this time he said people on here were making crazy 100% gains in one day or something like that, I honestly wasn’t sure if I believed him but I decided to give the free trial a shot. I thought they’d just give me a watchlist and I was on my own but damn I was wrong, the way analysts tell when to buy and sell (which I had to make sure wasn’t illegal) is unbelievable just free money! On top of that, they actually talk and help in the chats, answer any questions in dms or help tickets, have live classes and live trading, actually care about making us better traders, and a lot more!! Lucrum has to be the best stock server out there, completely turned my port around I think I’ve already paid for a 6 month subscription following their plays Especially if you’re just starting to get into stocks, joining Lucrum is the best choice you can make! My only regret is not joining earlier nothing but love for everyone on here thank you!!!

Oct 26, 2021 5:13 PM

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